Our Philosophy

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person-to-person

By taking care of yourself, you give to everyone else in your life.  They get the best version of you.  They get the you that has energy, looks and feels great, has a better attitude, and respects yourself.  Your spouse will respect more because they know you respect yourself by taking care of your needs.  Your kids will be less self-entitled, because they will know your entire existence isn’t to cater to their every want.

At Noland Fitness our goal is different from the “big box” gyms.  Big box gyms sign people up to memberships fully expecting 80-90% of the people to never show up.  If everyone actually showed up that were members, there would be a serious fire code violation it would be so crowded!  The big box gyms merely rent access to their equipment, and once you signed your membership agreement, no one ever cares if you show up or get results.

What about group exercise classes?  Does the instructor workout while everyone else is working out?  That makes it really hard to see if the people exercising are performing their exercises correctly.  Do they know your name?  Do they call you if you don’t show up?

In school did the teacher hand you the book and expect you to learn everything without teaching?  In your career did your boss or coworkers simply give you the job and expect you to be successful without training you?  The quickest and easiest route to success is to have a mentor or coach guide you.

The same principle applies to your health.  Have you ever tried to go on a diet and tell no one?  How did that work out?  Have you ever tried to workout at home?  How long did you last?

We understand that you have tried to go at it on your own, and that is very admirable.  But it didn’t work, it didn’t last, and now you are frustrated.  You lost some weight, but you gained it all back, and you can’t figure out why.  The problem was you did not have a coach who gave you quality guidance, a sound nutrition plan that you can actually achieve, and you did not have accountability from someone who truly cares about you.

We are different from others because we started our business on the premise that we will truly listen to our clients, and work like crazy to meet their needs.  What do you get in the typical gym tour?  “Here’s the group exercise room, the treadmills, the weight room, the pool, etc”.  Do they ever ask you what you’re interested in?  We find out what is important to you, and we provide the support and guidance to get you here.

The internet is an amazing vehicle, and there is a ton of information.  Good information about how to get healthy is not hard to find.  However, implementation and taking action is the hard part.  We get you started, and support you every step in your journey to take your life back, to reinvest in yourself!

We want people in our Noland Fitness family who are excited about attacking their goals, who are willing to drop all the excuses and be lead to reaching their goals, and who are truly positive people that look forward to encouraging others around them.

We are not for everyone.  We don’t want people who regularly don’t show up, who don’t respect our time or abilities, who make excuses, and who don’t want to break a sweat.

We pride ourselves on being the best, and with that comes many advantages.  We don’t want people who want the cheapest, but the best.  When you go to the doctor do you ask for the cheapest?  When you get the cheapest you get the lowest quality.  How important is your health to you?  Can you really put a price on it?

For that reason, we don’t employ “personal trainers”.  We employ “Fitness Coaches”.  When you come to Noland Fitness, you are rewarded with a qualified “Fitness Coach”, who is able to support you in every area of producing the best you.

Once a month we go on Grocery Tours, to help educate our clients on how to eat healthy in their busy lifestyle.  In this great “Rat Race”, people are increasingly busy, and this often comes with a price of not taking care of themselves.

We are not a provider of workouts.  We provide a client experience that educates, empowers, holds accountable, and motivates, as well as a relationship that is unlike any other.  Our business is driven by referrals, and we do everything in our power to impress our current clients by giving to them everything we can.

We understand that our client’s lives are stressful and we strive to be the best hour of their day.  Our reputation is the most important thing, and we will never sacrifice quality or service for increased profits.  You will always receive 100% from us, and that’s a promise you can count on.

We are so confident that we will exceed your expectations and be the best fitness solution you’ve ever experienced, we provide a 100% money back guarantee.  If we don’t absolutely overwhelm you with our experience, please come to us and demand your money back and we will gladly give it back to you.  There is truly no risk to experiencing the Noland Fitness difference!

At Noland Fitness, we want you to be selfish: Reinvest in Yourself.